Mitch provided personal training to me for over a couple years. In that time, my cardio endurance and strength improved considerably. I can testify that Mitch gets me to give 25% more reps when I’m ready to say “no mas.” Over time, that is a difference maker! Mitch’s knowledge base gives me the confidence to break through previous limitations I had set for myself. Working with Mitch is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

Jim K. – Avid golfer

It is my pleasure to let everyone know what a great chiropractic experience I had with Chiro Mitch when he was working at Palmer Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida. I had always been skeptical of going to a chiropractor but Mitch made me a believer. He was a magician as he intensely used deep tissue techniques working on my arthritic ankle, plantar fasciitis, and habitual neck issue. He educated me weekly and gave me exercises to do at home which helped me immensely as well. Besides being so knowledgeable and curing my issues, Mitch is a man who cares about his client and develops a strong client relationship which creates positive results.

Dana H. – Avid swimmer / swim coach

I dislocated my shoulder over the summer of 2020. I went to Chiro Mitch for physical therapy to help rehab it before the football season started. I went twice a week and he did soft tissue work as well as adjustments and exercises. This helped out my recovery before the new season started and also throughout the season. The work he did was fantastic and helped me finish my senior season.

Josh B. – High school football player

Excellent care: I had been dealing with lower back and hamstring pain for some time before I came and saw Chiro Mitch. He helped me tremendously with getting back to where I was. He has a wealth of knowledge and was willing to try new and different techniques. I was able to get back into running shape with little to no pain. Thank you again Dr. Mitch.

Nick B. – Former police officer / current military

Post surgery, after an Achilles rupture playing basketball, I wasn’t positive if I’d ever play sports again. Contacting Chiro Mitch was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Sessions are challenging, but at the same time fun! After working with Mitch I was able to make a full recovery and felt stronger than I did before the injury.

Meko M. – Avid basketball player

Chiro Mitch demonstrates a very strong presence in the clinic, from his extensive medical background, bed side approach and understanding of normal vs. abnormal. Many years  of experience under different medical disciplines, Mitch has developed a great balance of assessment and treatment plans. The ability to identify the root of dysfunction and create a multi -angle approach with his treatment plans, allows for patients to improve on any level. As another medical professional, I would have all the confidence to refer a patient to Chiro Mitch knowing he is determined to find success and reach a patients goals

Justin D. – Doctor of Physical Therapy

“Before I ever met Chiro Mitch, I had gotten multiple references to him and had heard he was one of the best.  So, I went to him and sure enough I got the same impression.  He’s one of the most positive and professional men I have ever met. Mitch does a wonderful job pinpointing the spot or area of pain/discomfort.  He helped me out big time! Although I was initially skeptical about going to a chiropractor, he made sure that it was worth coming in every time.”

Cameron S. – FL HS State Champion Powerlifter