Each client receives a thorough, head-to-toe, chiropractic assessment. This session will allow the doctor to diagnose injuries, assess range of motion, and formulate a specific care plan for the client. Each subsequent appointment will utilize a combination of the following modalities for treatment: chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Technique, deep tissue massage, therapeutic exercises, flexion/distraction technique, cupping, mechanical massage, Graston, and more. The doctor will assign exercises intended to be “homework” for the client to ensure effective and efficient results. Once we finish with your individualized care plan we will reassess your progress. At Strong and Active we believe that the stronger your body is and the more you move are crucial determinants in how well you will rehab from current injuries, and prevent future injuries.


  •  Initial assessment (50 minutes)  – $75
  • Pay per session (45minutes) – $110
  • 10-session package (45minutes) – $1,000 ($100 per session)
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