Inflammation can cause a myriad of health problems, and it is important to seek inflammation relief when you need it. Chiropractic care in Del Mar, CA works to heal your body naturally, without the use of prescription medication. At Strong & Active Chiropractic in Del Mar, CA, Dr. Mitch Lederer understands the importance of living your best life without pain. Through full body adjustments, laser therapy, therapeutic exercises, and massage cupping, Chiro Mitch will work with you to provide inflammation relief.

Treatment With a Chiropractor

Understand that treatment with a chiropractor for inflammation relief does not interfere with other treatment modalities. You can go to a chiropractor, even when you are seeing other treatment providers for the same condition. Chiro Mitch will talk to you about your symptoms and your treatment goals. Treatment will be specific to your needs to address poor range of motion, pain, and inflammation. If you are in pain, a chiropractor can help you heal naturally. With consistent chiropractic treatment, you will see progress in your healing.

Common Treatment Modalities Used

Spinal adjustments are a mainstay of chiropractic treatment, which can be done using an activator, specialized table, or body movements. Therapeutic exercises help to stretch and strengthen the body slowly, over time. Ultrasound is used to improve circulation, while cupping can draw nutrient-rich blood to where it is most needed. Decompression techniques help to ease strain on your vertebrae, opening up the space if you have a narrowed area causing pain. Ice or heat therapy can be used to soothe tight muscles, while electrical muscle stimulation will cause your muscles to convulse and relax, moving blood through them.

What to Expect From Chiropractic Care

When you are seeking inflammation relief, understand that it will take some consistency to find the relief you need. A chiropractor will use adjustments to get your spine aligned and laser therapy, Active Release Technique, or cupping to address tight tissue. You can expect to see the chiropractor three times a week for spinal adjustments, as consistent treatment is the best way to progress. Each treatment should not hurt, and you may find significant relief after a session or two. If you are having pain, speak to the chiropractor about any needs you may have.

Schedule With a Chiropractor Now

For inflammation relief without the use of prescription medication, it’s time to give chiropractic care a chance. Contact Strong & Active Chiropractic in Del Mar, CA by calling (858) 243-7685, and set up an appointment with Chiro Mitch. Get started on your healing process, and begin living your best life.